Friday, May 24, 2013

Caution! Workmen!

Wonder if I will be able to create any cards today?  Or even think?  We are always complaining that when someone says, "We'll be there Tuesday," we always wonder which Tuesday.  Well, for a week, one crew has been building a car port and today, our driveway is filled with trucks and there are workmen everywhere!  There is shingle repair on one side of the house, siding repair on the other, and roofing on the new carport.  A "tree guy" even came to give us an estimate on a dead hemlock.  It's a chilly, breezy, beautiful day and there is sawing and hammering everywhere.  It's great entertainment for my DH, but he doesn't know which way to turn to watch the action.  I may just stay inside and read!

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