Sunday, July 14, 2013

Labor of Love

Hello, Friends!  Now that the hot glue gun burns have healed and I've swept up most of the fabric, Spanish moss, and mop cord bits, it's time to share a few photos of our finished crafts.  I showed you some of the designs in progress earlier this summer.  Some of each of these designs have made it to the shops as their new home and the rest are ready to be packed away in totes for future sales.
The mini lights on the tree will brighten someone's holidays.

Who can resist an angel with a flickering light bulb or a small candle and a little lace.
Lights on this Santa's wreath will glow on chilly nights.

These Santas make people smile.  More lights on the trees.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I spend time when I'm not getting inky!  Come back again to see the newest paper project.  ~kren


NanaConnie said...

Oh, Kren, these are fabulous! I love making things like this for holiday decorating but over the years, most of my things have found there way into the homes of my kids and they don't seem to come back. :-D Really love the angel with the candle.

Helen said...

Hi Kren - these are just fabulous!! Love them! I also liked your stained glass section behind them... I have a very similar one which used to be my bedroom window when I was a little girl. Need to figure out a way to use it!

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Wonderful holiday decor.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"