Sunday, November 10, 2013

Salty Santas

Here are some salt dough Santas.   These are fun to make and I just couldn't stop!  Check out the other entries at MFP 12 Days of Christmas.  Well, not back to those last 4 craft totes I have to sort and sift through.  It's been fun working on these challenges!


NanaConnie said...

OMGosh, Kren, I had nearly forgotten about salt dough ornaments. I remember them from childhood. I think my mom started us on them when I was about 4. I think she kept most of them and hung them on the tree each year. While I was embarrassed about the earlier ones by the time I was 10 or so, what I wouldn't give to have them all now. :-D Maybe I'll make up some dough and start making them with grandkids. I truly love all the ones you've done and will take some ideas from you.

Stampsnob said...

sooo cute......Lis

Donna Ellis said...

how pretty your salt dough ornaments are, Kren - on the last two posts of your blog - each so unique, and beautifully colored. hugs, de