Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Til Her Daddy Takes the Tbird Away

 When my Dad bought a Tbird, 
he was in his eighties.   
Imagine that!  In his eighties!

When my Dad bought me cars for living at home and commuting to college, 
he was always concerned with price and safety.     
He bought me huge, hulking vehicles like a '49 Dodge.  
The coolest car he ever bought me was a Ranchero, so when I think of cool cars, 
I pass by the expensive exotics 
because a vintage Tbird would suit me just fine.  

When I saw this JFF Stamps image, I just had to have it.
It is called '57 Tbird from the JFF Stamps store.  
With the theme of the fifties for the challenge ending tomorrow, 
I just had to make you a card with this image.  

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