Friday, February 8, 2013

Where art thou?

Yikes!  Where has the time gone?  You won't believe that most of the rest of October was spent packing up personal and stamping supplies for the trip back at the end of that month.  Then the first two weeks of November were spent unpacking everything, running errands, catching up, and then....Wham!  I got hit with a cold--the "linger-on-and-on, can't-breathe, wish-it-would-end" kind that doesn't allow for creativity or much of anything else for more than two weeks.

THEN we went on a wonderful holiday trip for ten days, which required packing to go and unpacking when we returned,  and I will post photos of that soon.  When we returned, DH Don got "the cold", then I got it AGAIN.   This  was a first for me--two colds in one winter season.

Another trip at the end of January required planning and more packing, and now we've just returned!  Whew!  I've either been sick or out of town since we returned in October.  There was some card making mixed in there but no posting so I will have a lot to do to catch up.  Pictures to be posted soon, I promise!

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