Monday, September 5, 2016

Need Coffee

Java Time from the MFP Stamp Shop

Hello, Friends! Recently the power went out on our mountain and in neighboring communities as well.  We had water in jugs in the refrigerator, and water we could boil  or tote to bathrooms because we live on a stream.   This was not a quick outage.  We couldn't leave  the mountain for two days because a tree was over a power line.We spent the whole weekend the old fashioned way. So after it was all over, I made my list.  At the top?  A French press coffee maker because pouring boiling water slowly through a coffee maker yielded mixed results and we were not happy.  So now I own a French press which makes a delicious 8 cups of coffee and I am ready for the next power outage.  

Fingers crossed that it doesn't come too soon!


KT Fit Kitty said...

What an ordeal! I hate it when we lose our power! Enjoy your new French press!

NanaConnie said...

Great story about your power outage and I'm glad to know you recognize the true priorities - coffee! lol I love this card, especially your clever touch with all the coffee rings. Well done, my friend.

stamping sue said...

Kren, sorry to hear you were out of power for the weekend. glad it is back.
stamping sue